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Piney Brook

established 2015

Located at 136th Street & HWY 169 in Collinsville, The Piney Brook neighborhood was established in 2015 and is home to 88 beautiful properties.  It's a fantastic subdivision with great neighbors, a small park, and a walking trail. 


Current HOA Board Members include:

President - Joe McCulley

Vice President - Josh Goforth

Treasurer - Josh Blaine

Secretary - Kayla Bradley 

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Annual Dues

Piney Brook's Annual HOA Dues of $250 should be paid by April 1st.  Residents who do not pay by April 1st will incur a $25 per month late fee. Checks can be made payable to Piney Brook HOA and mailed to PO Box 7, Collinsville, OK 74021. Please make sure your home's address is clearly identified on the check.  Residents who choose to pay online will incur a small convenience charge for the use of a credit card.  To pay your annual dues online, click the button below.

HOA Meeting - March 26, 2024

All Piney Brook residents are invited to attend our next HOA Meeting scheduled for March 26th at 6:30pm at the Collinsville Library.

The Vote is In

The board would like to thank everyone for participating in the HOA amendment vote.  We received 70 "Yes" and 17 "No" for 81% voting to pass, which exceeds the required 75%.  Also a big thanks to our community for the 100% payment of all HOA dues for 2023.  Currently bids are being secured for the new electrical restructure at the front entries.  This will increase the lighting and allow for the display of Christmas lights. 

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To download copies of the restrictive covenants, bylaws, or meeting minutes for Piney Brook, please click below:


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Piney Brook HOA

P.O. Box 7

Collinsville, OK 74021

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Whether you need additional information about our neighborhood, need to request a letter of good standing, or need to bring a possible violation to the attention of the HOA board, please use the form below.  

Thanks for sending us a message!

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